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There is a restaurant that I go to every morning. Why? Because firstly it has a great take away coffee and secondly as was so aptly captured in the sitcom "Cheers", Everybody knows my name. This restaurant is a well known restaurant in Cape Town called Manuka. The very first time I went into Manuka , Steven, the young man behind the counter asked if I would like sugar with my coffee. I casually replied " No, I am sweet enough". An old cliche was the the beginning of a very long term customer relationship.

To this day, I am assured of one thing. Every morning that I go to Manuka, I am greeted with an overwhelming chorus of staff all shouting " Good morning sweet lady!!!". Every morning these staff remind, reaffirm my value and self worth. Do your really think that I would ever go to any other restaurant for my coffee. Even if on one morning they are short staffed and the coffee is not served as quick as it should be.... it does not matter because what they have is far more important. They have my patronage. Why? Because they have very low staff turnover and this means that everyone knows that I am that very, " Sweet lady". Take this way and I may very soon notice whether they have a staffing problem or if the coffee is delivered just a little too late or if the electricity just happened to be cut and I can't get my coffee.

We  live in a dynamic and ever changing South Africa. You can't afford to have a high staff turnover. You can't afford to have my patronage subjected to things you cannot necessary control. So log on , become a member and we guide you not only to legislative compliance, but show you how to carefully select your staff, induct and train them and motivate them to ensure they and your customers, develop a "sweet " long term relationship.

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