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Our thoughts for the Construction Industry

I say this with all due respect, but, if the Minister of Labour built his own house, I wonder if he would be as stringent on our Labour Legislation. Whilst we all fully appreciate the need to ensure that our employees are safe and healthy whilst at work, surely we can?t be held responsible for the employee who blatantly refuses to follow safety instructions, fails to wear his protective equipment and treats his colleagues as wimps for not doing the same. Come on guys, give us a break!!!  Not so.

We worry about the naive beliefs of some of our new clients. They are confident that their 500 page safety rules will keep them safe and are sufficient to cover them from litigation. This will only be the case if you stand on site all day with one objective and that is to perpetually shout out one safety rule after the next. Oh and whilst at it, you can always add, ?Stop leaning on your Votshol? every now and then with as much effectiveness.

The Minister is serious on the issue of health and safety. More so now than ever before. Your site will be visited. The only way to facilitate compliance and prevent a hefty on the spot fine (or even some time in the chookie) is to make sure that your health and safety requirements and employee accountability are written into all your job descriptions, disciplinary codes and induction procedures. ?When am I going to have time to do all this?, you wail?? you don?t have to. We have done it all for you.  Our HR services offer you a fully comprehensive solution at a once off price and continual on line support and labour legislation and documentation updates should you wish to be a member.


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