Training and Development

The Resource Remedy offers a range of Training interventions . Our Trainers are fully Accredited Assessors and Facilitators and are able to provide a range of courses which are all aligned with the National Qualifications Framework. The course content is benchmarked best practice and our training facilities are Learner friendly.

Having been in the industry of Resource Management for over 20 years in various industries, trainers have an excellent frame of reference to deliver training which will add immediate benefit to your bottom line. The Resource Remedy is well connected with other related service providers within the industry. Our training costs are competitive and Training Interventions include ( but are not limited to) the following:

·        Leadership

·        Management / Supervisory Skills

·        Performance and Conduct Management

·        Legislative Compliance

·        Conducting Disciplinary Enquiries

·        Successful Arbitrations

·        Conflict Management

·        Coaching and Mentoring

·        Mental wellness and resilience

·        Change Management

·        Culture Change

·        Diversity Management

·        Employment Equity

·        Skills Development

·        HIV/AIDs



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