The Resource Remedy is a  labour consultancy which focuses on delivering personal and professional service to small and medium sized businesses. Our range of experience allows for industry specific interventions which focus on your industry and critical legal compliance as it relates to you. Our solutions are simple and effective. 

In addition to offering a comprehensive Human Resource Management Pack which is specific to your industry at a very reasonable once off cost ( click on our link on Products and Services for details), The Resource Remedy provides on line labour advice when you require it. 

Our strategy focuses on providing you with a complete Human Resource Management service . This includes :

  • Easy and effective Human Resource systems and processes specific to your industry
  • A web site which  not only provides on line assistance with labour issues , but is so interactive that you will self train on labour issues by just by utilising the site.
  • Ongoing assistance from an experienced consultant who can come to your premises should you require IR assistance or wish for an external person to conduct a disciplinary enquiry or facilitate a difficult IR issue.
  • A full range of Training programmes aligned to your business needs and objectives. 

Cindy Nolan

Managing Partner

Cindy holds her Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Natal and has completed her Diploma in Personnel Management. She has also studied Advanced Labour Law ( Cum Laude) through UNISA. With more than 18 years experience in Human Resource and Industrial Relations Management within a range of industries, she is more than qualified to assist you.

Most small to medium sized businesses are privately owned by dynamic individuals with true entrepreneurial spirit and great determination and energy. For such people, Labour Legislation is often seen as a stumbling block or a hurdle which needs to be overcome. Clearer understanding of the practical implementation of such legislation can often bring about a shift in this paradigm.

In addition, many small to medium sized business owners/managers have not had the opportunity or desire to study Human Resource Management and Labour Legislation in enough detail to utilise it effectively to manage their staff.

Cindy developed the Resource Remedy with this awareness and has created a website which suits the need of such individuals and offers labour Advice on line. Cindy’s vision is focused on providing a good understanding of one’s legal obligations in such an interactive way that you are able to train yourself on Labour Legislation and the effective use thereof. In addition her years of experience enable you to have access to the highly specialised skills of a qualified and experienced Labour and Human Resource Practitioner.

Managing Partner



Small businessess struggle with retention of staff, some because of support structures not being in place, some because of the inability to pay good salaries. To help small business with retention often only depends on clear communication from the side of management and the establishing of trust between the two parties. Heidi is an expert in fascilitating processes llike this.




The Resource Remedy has its Head Office in Cape Town.

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